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We are Kevin, Sonja and Tilly and The Black Castle is our labour of love. We're passionate about Irish architectural Heritage and this is our second restoration project.

They say a picture paints a thousand words....We have some castle restoration videos (from 2014 & 2016) on YouTube so please click on the links below if you'd like to watch them. Kevin features in the introduction of Black is The Colour, playing with his band, Goodmangranny (don't ask!).




Our first love, a wonderful 400 year old thatched farmhouse, which were advised to knock down in 1994, won Period Living' Magazine's Best Restoration Britain and Ireland 2011.

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We are slowly restoring The Black Castle (pre-restoration image above) but The Great Hall is now complete. By choosing an "overknighter" you will become entwined in the castle's history (and its future!) as your stay helps us fund the continuing restoration, ensuring The Black Castle "earns its keep" and enabling it to stand proud for another 500 years.

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